Who Am I?

My textile journey started long before I was born. My family name means bobbin in German. The Haspels have been tailors for many, many generations. When I was very young, my grandfather pulled a needle through a button hole and handed it to me with a wink. I continued to learn about textiles as I tagged along with him through his clothing factory in New Orleans.

Molly Dean, my costume design teacher in high school introduced me to natural dyes when she set a bag of onion skins on the cutting table. I was sure Texas blue bonnets would make a perfect dye but in my haste to find out and show Ms. Molly, I stepped in a pile of fire ants! Needless to say, that pile of fire ants did not stop me.

I have continued to bring the magical color of nature to the children and teachers I have had the privilege to work with for the past 30 years.

When I'm not teaching, you can find me hiking and swimming the ocean of SoCal to see colors smile and share the laughter in workshops, private classes, family celebrations...anywhere I can, as long as there are no fire ants!

Who am I? The grandchild of tailors in love with nature's color.